1000X Inspection Zoom Monocular C mount Lens + Coaxial Light + Stereo Stand for PCB SMD Industrial Microscope Camera

iphone7, plate microscope

Golf Digital

Smd lens. Optivisor magnifier eye loupe. Range laser finder. 5p0010++. Caps lens. Holder motherboard. 1.0x/1.5x/2.0x/2.5x/3.5x. Night riflescope, telescope. Lamp high temperature. 3x telescope. Led light mini. Ninth world. Area / volum-m/inch/ft measuring: 20 groups. Laser level: 


Plano convex lens. Ring lamp. 70mm lens. Camera neck strap. Prisms: Pd-032c8xusbw. 170 x 150 x 45 (mm). Laser level professional. : 9cm x 10.5cm x 4cm. Distance measurer. Wholesale plexiglass. 26 times. Electron microscope. Magnifier gold. Mcoplus eyepiece. 8 led (adjustable by control wheel). Kxl - e40. Mg11b-1. Lights,led,lighted magnifying glass. 

Glasses Flip

Trena laser. Focusing distance: Ii-vi-usa-19.05/20mm. Science kids set. Mirror material:Hunting and fishing. Telescope equipement. Cyclic record : Camera night vision scope. I00716. Standard 640x480. Distinguish ability: Diastimeter: Wholesale led 30 lens. Wholesale microscope hdmi. Educational science lab monocular microscope. 40x60 hd monocular telescope outdoor. 


40g approx. Magnifying: Mm 500. Aluminium alloy. (286-560)x52x52cm. Composite material. Lpl50x infinity. Binocular monocular. 20mm-45. Laser rangefinder. 12x45. 0.2-40 meters. Jewel emerald. Tripod size: 185mmx195mmx62mm. 120*55*26mm. Sv11 monocular telescopeFor night vision spotting scope : 

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