16mm Acrylic diamond/hand sewing drill/sewing accessories decorative white circular patch/drill nail decoration 100pcs

flower shell bags, decoration box

Cup Flower Purple

6mm flower. Ingredient: 5cmsidehole4color. Fabric count: 3mm sequin. 100g/set. Light blue wedding wedges. Belly heating. Se-mix 10mm sequins. Spring summer autumn. Is customized: Processing method: About 75 piece. 17color. Wholesale 20mm pvc. 3mmdeepcup. 6mm round ab. Mixed size: 7mm flower sequins. 

Women Shoes Eyes

White gold antique copper antique brass black. Cp1410. 100yards/92metres. Daisy pasta. Bodysuit women. 8 colors available. Red sequin. Low shrinkage,high temperature resistant,waterproof,high tenacity,eco-friendly,chemical-resistant. Versatile. Collage/stitchingFascinator butterfly. 6 6.5 7 7.5 8 9.5 10.5 11 12 13. Gold ribbon sequin. Lighted. Light plum. Nailart diamonds. Daily life. 

Women Sneakers Platform

Cp1871. Ab rosePink pvc bags. Radium red color 7#. Brilliant pink. Paper. Red sequins for crafts. Clothes glitter. V0086. 500g sequin for clothing. Round loose sequins. Of tanks world. 500 pcs cups. Special: Daydance. 30mm of the width. Bq103. Sequin navy. 70mm flat. 9*10cm. 

Heat Resistant Curtains

Round cup. Peach clothes. 15mm flat round 5#. 4x2mm. Cup6mmsequins30g. Ab orange. Feature: Mix colors. Eventsdecor. Woven. Magic opaque #18Side hole. 043007024. Beige black red blue silver color. Star sequins. 14 ab plating colors. Mixed 4 colors. V neck. Female body

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